Saturday, May 28, 2011

Screaming Hot Deals!

So, what are you doing for Memorial Day?  Whatever it is, I suggest you fit a little time in to make it to your local craft store!  In my neck of the woods, Joann's and Michael's both have some pretty good sales happening over the long weekend.  BUT...on Monday Michael's has a 25% off coupon good for your entire regular and sale priced purchase.

Why is this such a big deal?  Because Joann's and Michael's both accept competitor coupons!  Joann's has a good sale over the weekend, but when you take the 25% Michael's coupon to Joann's, the prices just get sweeter!  Here's a few great deals I found for Monday:

The Paper Company cardstock packs, $2.39 each... with MICHAEL'S coupon, $1.79.

DCWV 12x12 paper, premium paper and cardstock stacks on sale for $9.99 each...with MICHAEL'S coupon, $7.50 each! 

Cuttlebug A2 size individual embossing folders, $2.99 each...with MICHAEL'S coupon $2.24 each.  (a little disclaimer here: you can use Joann's coupons on non-electronic ProvoCraft items like Cricut relpacement pads and blades, or Cuttlebug folders.  The MICHAEL'S coupon, says "no ProvoCraft", so when using that coupon at Joann's, they may or may not accept it.)

EDIT:  It looks like Joann's has Martha Stewart Crafts items (including punches!) on sale for 40% off.  Combine that with MICHAEL'S 25% off coupon, and you should be able to pick up some goodies at an awesome price!

Recollections cardstock packs $2.50 each, with Michael's coupon, $1.88 each.  (a little more than Joann's but they might have a specific color or pattern that The Paper Company at Joann's doesn't have.)

Most 12x12 paper and cardstock stack $11.99, with Michael's coupon $8.99 (in case they carry a brand or design you want that's not available at Joann's.)

Martha Stewart Tools 30%.  The Michael's 25% off coupon doesn't specifically exclude Martha Stewart items like they usually do, so you may be able to stack the sale with the coupon to get a good deal on a specific tool you've been eyeing.  I may actually break down and buy a bone folder!

There are LOTS more deals...way too many to post!

To see the Joann's Memorial Day sale, click here.

To see Michael's Sale go here.

For the all-important 25% Michael's coupon click right here!

Just to be on the safe side, it might not hurt to call your local store to make sure their managers will accept competitor's coupons before you make a special trip.



I've been so busy researching blog stuff, that I haven't had a chance to just sit down and craft for the past few weeks.  I made a couple of cards last night...and remember why I like to craft so much now!  I just lose all track of time and get lost in what I'm doing. 

A birthday card I made for an old friend

The inside of the birthday card.  You can't tell from the picture, but I left myself plenty of room to write!

For both of the cards, I used the Cricut Paper Lace cartridge.  It seems I've been on a Paper Lace kick lately.  I might have to just break down and start looking for great deals on the new Paper Lace 2 cartridge!

For a friend who loves Victorian colors

Have a great weekend!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I'm Doing the HAPPY DANCE!

Okay all you Cricut veterans, don't laugh at me for being so excited if you've already heard of this...

Guess what I found?!?!  Have you ever wanted to buy a Cricut cartridge, but wished you could see EVERYTHING on the cartridge?  Not just the pictures on the back?  Well, now you can!  I found a link on Cricut's website where you could open a PDF file of almost ANY cartridge Cricut makes!!!!!  The file is every page of each book that comes with each cartridge!  Go here to check it out.  A few of the newer cartridges haven't been loaded on to the page yet, but I'm hoping they will be soon!

Happy browsing!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

And on A Personal Note...

Today, my husband, daughter, and I made our annual trek to the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life at the University of Washington.  We were accompanied by our incredible neighbor Linda, and her husband.  My husband Rob, is a three-time cancer survivor.  Linda has twice defeated cancer.  They inspire and amaze me every day.

Husband Rob, daughter Emily, and Neighbor Linda

Silly Emily and Rob

All of us walking the survivor Lap (i just take the pics and cry a lot!)

It was a wonderful day.  Now...go hug someone you love!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Ready for Another Secret?

One of the ways I have been able to get my hands on cheap or FREE scrapbooking goodies, is through a cool little search engine called SWAGBUCKS.  The Swagbucks search engine is a staple in the couponing world.   You do searches on swagbucks (either their page or a handy little toolbar you can install, which I highly recommend) that basically uses Google search.  Now, I really don't do a lot of searches, but I have gotten into the habit of typing in whatever site I need to go to, like Hotmail or Facebook.  While doing searches, you are randomly awarded swackbucks...a form of currency you can exchange for all kinds of prizes.  I always use my swagbucks to purchase Amazon gift cards.  450 swagbucks will get you a $5 card to spend at  Not much you say?  Well, here's a few things I got with mine over the past couple of years...

My baby Bug

and this

and this
and this

and this

and this!!!!

Now have I got your attention?  I thought so!  Sign up here :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Obsession Continues

Hi gang!  First off, let me welcome our new followers!  A lot of you came from other blogs I follow, and you guys ROCK!  Thanks for the support!

Now, here's the other half of that sweet blog candy list I teased you with yesterday...remember to go leave some love on their comments if you stop by.  And by all means, check out the rest of their pages!  The talent I'm seeing on all these blogs is mind-blowing!   Ends at 175 followers   Ends at 200 followers

Okay campers, that's all I have for now!  I'm sure I'll find lots more soon!  If you know of any blogs with current candy giveaways, please feel free to let me know.  I would love to add them to the list!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My New Obsession...

As I was researching to write this article, I think I accidentally fell into a new obsession...BLOG CANDY!!!  I had never heard of this phenomenon before I started perusing scrapbooking sites.  Now I'm hooked!  For those of you who have never heard of it, let me awaken your senses to the wonder that is blog candy!!

I've noticed that scrapbooking bloggers are a very generous breed.  They share their ideas, art, and supplies!  What?  Their supplies?  YES!  I have noticed on A LOT of blogs I have been following that blog owners give away scrapbooking supplies (also known as blog candy) for almost any occasion you can think of;  their birthdays, their blogaversaries, their participation in a blog hop, because it's a Monday!  It's incredible!  And what do they want in return?  Most of them want nothing at all...a few would want you to become followers of theirs, and a few more just want you to link back to their blog.  Not too shabby considering the value of some of the goodie packages.  What even blows my mind more, is that some of these materials are purchased out of the blogger's own pocket!  How generous can you be?!

In the short time I've been surfing scrapping blogs, I have won: a $25 gift code to SVG Cuts, a gorgeous decorated "paint bucket" filled with glitter supplies, a three month membership to the Cricut Circle (which includes a special Cricut cartridge!) and a surprise goodie bag (see pic above.)  The goodie bag even came with an added bonus...a new friend!  Maquel over at Paper Maine-iac (isn't that a cute name?) randomly drew my name in her first giveaway ever, and not only went over and beyond, in the gift she sent, but included the most gorgeous card with it.  She's awesome!

Below are some links to bloggers who have current blog candy giveaways going.  A few of them expire in the next few days, so be aware when you are entering.  Go show them a little love in their comment section.  Most of them just require a comment to enter, some require that you become one of their followers, and a few seems to require that you post about their giveaway on your own blog.  If you don't have a blog, I would think you could mention that in your comment/entry, and hopefully, it will still count.  Please keep in mind, that I'm not affiliated with any of these other blogs, so accepting your entries if all their criteria hasn't been met, will be solely at their discretion.

I found WAY more links than I intended to in my search, so below is only a partial list.  I'll make a new posting tomorrow with more links!   Expired   Yay!  I won this one!   Expired

Can you believe this is only half of the links I found this afternoon?  And I know there's about a zillion more out there!  I'll post the other half of the list tomorrow.  I'm thinking of making this a weekly ritual...what do you think?

Monday, May 16, 2011


Wow oh wow...I'm SO excited!  I decided to start a blog, and my amazing daughter-in-law offered to help me make it look nice.  She did an AWESOME job!  I love it!!  And now I'm totally ready shout it to the world and say, "Come on in!  I'm so happy to meet you :) "

If you go back to the original post here, you can get an idea of what this blog is all about and what I hope to accomplish for you, the reader.  I can't even describe how excited I am about this project.  I really hope this blog can be a place for the scrapbooking community to gather, teach, learn, and be inspired.  Oh, and mostly, to SAVE $$$.

Now, back to the page design.  My sweet DIL, Erin, is the mastermind behind the design (hey, that rhymes!)  She has THREE blogs she owns and/or writes for, and she designed them a few others.  You can find her main blog right here.  She also writes a cooking blog (with a friend of hers) here, and is a team writer at a get fit site over here.  On top of all her blogging, she works full-time at a University, is working on her MBA, cooks like a dream, and is an outstanding wife to my son!  Can you say Superwoman? I'm just bragging...but she really is awesome!

So, come on in, grab a cup of coffee, put your feet up, and hang out a while.  Welcome!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Hot Deal Alert!

Okay we go!  For those of you in need of some paper stacks (and aren't we ALWAYS in need of some paper stacks?)  Michaels has a pretty good deal going on for the next few days.  They are advertising 60% off their 180 sheet paper pads.  These normally sell for around $19.99, so with the percentage off, that means you should be able to pick one up for about $8.00.  Good deal huh?  But it gets better!  Print this coupon and you will be able to take another 25% off the $8 sale price, bringing the cost of your paper stack down to around $6.40.  Now, I don't know about you, but that's a BUY PRICE for me.  This sale is going on through this Saturday May 14, 2011, but if you're interested, I wouldn't wait since it's limited to stock on hand.

While you're there, if there's anything else in another department that's on a REALLY GOOD sale, combine the sale with a 20% off your total purchase (excluding clearance) coupon.  If you have trouble with the link, you should be able to find it on their Facebook Page.  I noticed Craft Smart Paints were on sale for 29 cents per bottle.  Combined with the 20% off coupon, that should bring the, down to 23 cents per bottle...not bad!

Okay...enough math!  Happy shopping!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Scrapping Fun!

The following posts will showcase a little of my art.  They were also part of a challenge from National Scrapbooking day this past Saturday.  There were challenges all over the blogosphere.  I wish I could have participated in them all!  But being a Mommy, I chose to spend the weekend with my daughter instead.  We had a blast in Seattle on Saturday, and then on Sunday, she cooked for me all day and treated me to a movie!

Plus, I got to talk on the phone with my amazing son and his beautiful wife (they live in a different state) not once, but twice!!

So, I chose to participate in My Pink Stamper's challenges since I had until Monday night to post them.  You'll notice they're numbered, but 1 - 4 is missing.  I chose (and only had time) to participate in challenges 5 - 12.  I hope you guys like them :)

NSD Challenge #12

Make a Scrapbook Page With A Kid's Theme.

Here is my entry for the FINAL challenge #12 over at My Pink Stamper .  Although it's hard to tell from the photograph, the cute shapes are all actually cut out of thin wood.  I was in the crafts section at Michaels several years ago, and I found two boxes of cute little wood cut outs, clearanced down to almost nothing.  One box was all hearts, and I've used those on several pages, but the other box was random colors and shapes (shown here) and I was having trouble figuring out how to use them.  Voila...building blocks!  I'm saving the right side of the page for journaling, when I get a chance!

NSD Challenge #11

Make A Project Using Pink, Green and Black

This is my entry for challenge #11 on My Pink Stamper.  I used the Paper Lace Cricut cartridge to cut out my thank you.  I also made the card to fit in a business size envelope.  More on that later!

I needed to make a card for a special new friend, and this one fit the bill perfectly!

NSD Challenge # 10

Make A Layout With A Pet in it.

Here is my entry for challenge #10 at My Pink Stamper .  I used the Create A Critter Cricut cartridge for the cute little guy in the middle.  I love the way he came out...almost as cute as the critters in the photos!

NSD Challenge # 9

Use Glitz, Glam and Glitter in Your Project.

Here is my entry for challenge #9 at My Pink Stamper .  I'm kinda bummed that the glitz and glitter didn't really show up in the picture, but I'll get better at this photography stuff!  I actually glittered all the snowflakes and the border, but the white on white is almost impossible to photograph.  In looks great!

NSD Challenge # 8

Make a Summer Themed Project.

Here is my entry for challenge #8 at My Pink Stamper .  This was actually a page I had already started working on, but I promise I didn't cheat!  I made a scrap calendar for my husband the Christmas before last, and after the year was over, I planned on using the pages to make an actual scrapbook.  So some of the center part of this page was part of the calendar, but I glitzed it up by adding some silver paint pen and sparkly stars, before turning it into a complete page.

NSD Challenge # 7

Make  A Scrapbook Page.

This is my entry for challenge #7 for My Pink Stamper .  I've been woking on a wedding album for my son and his new wife, so this page needed to get done anyway!  I photographed it over and over again trying to get rid of the glare.  I finally realized the glare was part of the pictures!  It was back lighting from the airplane windows.  I'm still learning!

NSD Challenge #6

Incorporate a tag into your project.

This is my entry for challenge #6 over at My Pink Stamper. Once again, I was trying to use up some old paper and scraps.  Most of the paper on this project was from my very first paper pack I bought at Wal- Mart a really long time ago!  I haven't completed the journaling for this page yet, since I wanted to try to get it, and other pages up before the deadline.  Journaling will have to wait til later!

Please forgive me for the horrible lighting and glare. I've added, "work on your photo lighting and glare" to my "TO DO" list!

NSD Challenge # 5

Make a 3-D Item on a Page

Here is my entry for the National Scrapbook Day challenge #5 going on over at My Pink Stamper through tonight!
I used some leftovers from a kit I purchased at Costco several years ago.  I really love the colors...I'm all about the PURPLE!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

What I Hope to Accomplish

If you've wandered here or stumbled upon this blog, the first thing you've probably noticed, is that there's not very much here!  This is a baby blog, not even a toddler yet!  I'm hoping to change that in the next few days with tons of posts.  But while I have your attention, let me tell you a little about what to expect in the near future, so that you'll be excited to come back and watch this baby grow!

As stated in the first article, I'm planning for this to be a hybrid blog.  I plan to post lots of scrapping projects, but also lots of ways to save money on your scrapbooking supplies and storage solutions.  As things progress, videos should start popping up too!  Here's a few of the things I'm working on now:
·   Posting scrap projects for the My Pink Stamper National Scrapbook Day challenges (Yes, I'll be a day or two late!)

·   A way to combat the high price of A-2 size envelopes (I couldn't believe how much they cost when I priced them recently!) including a how-to video.

·   A series of articles on different ways to get completely FREE supplies, just by spending a few minutes here and there online (and we all do that anyway!)

·  Baby food jars...they're not just for babies!

·  Tricks for making things work when you run out of supplies and you're in between sales.

Please stay with me...I know this is all new, but I will work my hardest to make sure you're not disappointed!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Decoding Coupons Part 1

I'm sure any diligent scrapper knows all about the coupons offered by their local Michael's or Joann's (or Hobby Lobby, or...) craft stores.  They're usually in the Sunday paper  each week, or they're emailed to you if you sign up for their mailing lists.  One of the things I usually notice first is that the store has a blanket sale on "ALL scrapbook items" and usually includes some language like "up to 40% off."  My first reaction is GRRR!  How can I use my 40% off coupon that isn't good on sale prices, when everything I want is on sale?  Then I think, hmmm it's already 40 % off  Let's go buy some goodies!!


Put your wallets!  Let's break down some of the sale language we're used to hearing, and really SEE for ourselves where the good deals are, and when to buy in order to get the most bang for your buck.  When an advertisement says, "up to 40% off all scrapbooking supplies," you need to look at those first two words.  UP TO, means that probably a few of the items or categories might be 40% off.  The rest of it is probably only 25% or 30% off...or less.  Since most craft stores are famous for marking their merchandise WAY up, (come on, $90 for a Cricut cartridge?) then putting it "on sale" every week, you're really paying closer to what the manufacturer intended when you pay the sale price.   So, let's not fall into that pit!
When I started couponing at grocery stores for our food, the first thing I learned was that a coupon alone doesn't really save me any money on an item that is already overpriced to begin with.  The best way to shop with coupons, is to use the coupon once a product goes on sale.  Craft stores are starting to get a little more liberal about publishing coupons that may offer 10% - 30% off your total purchase (including sale items.)  Those are the ones to watch for!  And if the items you want or need are already on sale AND you have a % off your total sale coupon too, that may be a good time to stock up!  Last month, I found a sale on 50 sheet packages of 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock.  In my area, they're normally priced at $3.99.  They were on sale that week for $1.99 or 50% off.  Not a bad sale!  But I just so happened to score a coupon in my email for 25% off my total purchase, good on one particular day.  I went that day, bought 5 packages of cardstock and got the 25% off the SALE price, so I scored the cardstock for $1.49 a package!  Woohoo!  Now, for me, that's a "stock up" price!  To make my deal even sweeter, I had recently scored a $10 Visa gift card off an online sweepstakes I won (more on that as a way to get free scrapping supplies in a future post!) so technically, my out of pocket (or out of budget) cost was $0 for 250 pieces of cardstock!  You can't beat free!

About Me

Me and My Daughter, Emily

Hi, I'm Amy!  I'm a writer, musician, paper crafter, extreme couponer (yes, one of those crazies who get's nearly all her groceries for 98% joke!) and a lover of all things FREE!  I have two passions:  couponing and scrapbooking.  This blog is the product of what happens when those two worlds collide!

I LOVE to make cards and scrapbook pages...but, like most people in today's economy,  we don't have a lot of extra money.  I can't tell you how many times I've heard people say how much they would like to start scrapbooking, but just can't afford it.  A lot of these people are friends of mine who are incredibly talented artists and crafters who would be able to turn out breathtaking cards and scrap pages, if only the materials weren't so expensive.  

I decided to go on a web search to find bloggers and scrapbookers like myself, to trade ideas with, and learn their tips and tricks for scoring cheap or free scrapbooking supplies.  Guess what I found?  Not much!  I ran into quite a few articles about how to save money on scrapbooking, but these were all ARTICLES, not blogs, and certainly not a way of life.

I've learned how to get A LOT of stuff super cheap or free by incorporating some of my coupon/freebies knowledge and techniques.  While I realize there's TONS of free stuff online for digital scrapping, I like being able to manipulate papers and ribbons and embellishments in my hands, rather than on a computer screen.  Physical supplies are a lot harder to come by for free!  Hopefully, as this blog grows, I'll be meeting a need in the scrapbooking community.

So, here I am, hoping to give us frugal scrapbookers a place to come and learn, and share and exchange ideas, tips and tricks.  Not every idea I have or every way I've gotten things free will work for you.  But I want this blog to be a place where we can all come together to help each other.  Even if you get a few things free, that's money that's still in your pocket!

Are you ready?  Let's GO!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Contact me...I would love to hear from you!

Email:  amyis300 AT hotmail DOT com

Twitter:  @ScrapSave





Happy Scrapping! ~Amy E