Friday, May 6, 2011

About Me

Me and My Daughter, Emily

Hi, I'm Amy!  I'm a writer, musician, paper crafter, extreme couponer (yes, one of those crazies who get's nearly all her groceries for 98% joke!) and a lover of all things FREE!  I have two passions:  couponing and scrapbooking.  This blog is the product of what happens when those two worlds collide!

I LOVE to make cards and scrapbook pages...but, like most people in today's economy,  we don't have a lot of extra money.  I can't tell you how many times I've heard people say how much they would like to start scrapbooking, but just can't afford it.  A lot of these people are friends of mine who are incredibly talented artists and crafters who would be able to turn out breathtaking cards and scrap pages, if only the materials weren't so expensive.  

I decided to go on a web search to find bloggers and scrapbookers like myself, to trade ideas with, and learn their tips and tricks for scoring cheap or free scrapbooking supplies.  Guess what I found?  Not much!  I ran into quite a few articles about how to save money on scrapbooking, but these were all ARTICLES, not blogs, and certainly not a way of life.

I've learned how to get A LOT of stuff super cheap or free by incorporating some of my coupon/freebies knowledge and techniques.  While I realize there's TONS of free stuff online for digital scrapping, I like being able to manipulate papers and ribbons and embellishments in my hands, rather than on a computer screen.  Physical supplies are a lot harder to come by for free!  Hopefully, as this blog grows, I'll be meeting a need in the scrapbooking community.

So, here I am, hoping to give us frugal scrapbookers a place to come and learn, and share and exchange ideas, tips and tricks.  Not every idea I have or every way I've gotten things free will work for you.  But I want this blog to be a place where we can all come together to help each other.  Even if you get a few things free, that's money that's still in your pocket!

Are you ready?  Let's GO!



Amy-This looks like so much fun!! Please remember to tell everyone about the multitude
of scrapbboking titles available at their library. Some of us newbies may need a little jumpstart in the creative ideas arena. Mick.

Amy E said...

Thanks for stopping by Mick! I plan on doing a whole post about the library and all the goodies I find there!

Ohhh Snap said...

Late to the fair, but I just wanted to say don't forget about entering blog candy giveaways. I've entered hundreds over the years, but I won a Cricut Imagine (from Everyday Cricut), and a couple of cartridges.

Unknown said...

So I met you at the scrapbook expo and you showed me and my friend how to use the sticker and glitter sets. You mentioned some Bic markers that were on sale at Amazon. Can you post the name of those markers?

Amy E said...

Hi Patricia! I tried to reply to your comment but Blogger wouldn't let me, so I hope you check back here! Thanks for stopping by to visit!

The markers on Amazon are called Bic Mark It markers. I just checked and the price has jumped back up, but is still cheaper than most stores. They're a little over $16 for a set of 36 markers. You can get smaller sets, and if you don't want to order off of Amazon, you can get them at Wal Mart, Staples, etc.