Monday, May 9, 2011

Scrapping Fun!

The following posts will showcase a little of my art.  They were also part of a challenge from National Scrapbooking day this past Saturday.  There were challenges all over the blogosphere.  I wish I could have participated in them all!  But being a Mommy, I chose to spend the weekend with my daughter instead.  We had a blast in Seattle on Saturday, and then on Sunday, she cooked for me all day and treated me to a movie!

Plus, I got to talk on the phone with my amazing son and his beautiful wife (they live in a different state) not once, but twice!!

So, I chose to participate in My Pink Stamper's challenges since I had until Monday night to post them.  You'll notice they're numbered, but 1 - 4 is missing.  I chose (and only had time) to participate in challenges 5 - 12.  I hope you guys like them :)

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