Saturday, July 30, 2011

Feel Like Shopping Today?!?!

Okay, post number two for today.  Wow, it's really all or nothing for me sometimes!  I noticed that Joann's has a 20% off your entire purchase coupon that's good for today only.  Of course that means I have to scour all the sales and give you some good match-ups!


The only real deal I see at Joann's today is that their DCWV 12 x 12" Stack Value Packs are on sale for $9.99.  With the coupon, you can pick them up for $7.99!  That's usually my buy price.

Now, Michael's deals are another story!  Take your Joann's coupon with you and you can score some pretty good deals at Michael's today only!!

Entire stock of scrapbook storage is 50% off.  I was there earlier this week, and man, they mean EVERYTHING!  All their wood storage cabinets, all their plastic storage, picture boxes, glass jars...everything!  Use your Joann's coupon to score and additional 20% and you could get a great deal!

180 Sheet 12 x 12 paper pads are on sale for $9.99.  Use the Joann's coupon to bring them down to $7.99

24 Sheet 12 x 12 paper packs (new item) are on sale for 3 for $10 (or $3.33 each)  The Joann's coupon will bring them down to $2.67 each.

Sizzix, Cuttlebug and Slice products (excluding Tim Holtz) are 40% off...take another 20% off with the coupon.  That would bring their $5.99 Cuttlebug folders down to $2.87...if I did my math right!

Tim Holtz goodies are 30% off...a good deal paired with the Joann's coupon.

There's lots of other great deals too, but these are the ones that caught my eye!

Michael's has a 20% off your entire purchase coupon that starts tomorrow and runs through next Saturday (7/31/11 - 8/6/11) but their sales will also be changing, and so far, I don't see nearly as many good deals as I see today.  Once I get my hands on the Michael's and Joann's sales ads that start tomorrow, I'll come back with another post of super deals!!

Happy Saturday...and more blog hops!

I'm posting some more great blog candy giveaways today!  Monique over at This Misfit Crafter is celebrating 100 followers and giving away this:

Even though I don't have babies at home anymore, this is a really cute cartridge! A friend of mine owns it and brought it over to craft one day.   I love the snowman!

Hoppity Hop

I was looking around the blogosphere for some hopping to do today...and I found lots of them!  Here's a few that look like they're going to be tons o' fun!

Design Team Birthday Blog Hop

Butterfly Birthday Blog Hop

Happy Birthday Blog Hop

How Neat Is That - Interactive Hop

Summer Mini Album Blog Hop

Have a GREAT Saturday, and happy hopping!!!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Friday!

I spent the evening updating the blog candy page last night.  There's LOTS of new giveaways to go enter!  A lot of them expire at the end of this month, so catch them while you can!  I'll be adding even more later today!  Be sure to check back!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Little Housekeeping's been a busy crazy time here lately!  First off, hubby has to have hernia surgery in a few weeks.  He finally went to have an ultrasound and to see a general surgeon this past week.  He has a hernia under his belly button the size of a softball...yes, it's THAT big!  With his history of cancer, things like that make us uber nervous.  Anyway, all's good and his hernia will be going bye bye soon!

Next on the to-blog list is my giving a HUGE thank you to Amy over at Love To Crop!  I won some of her blog candy from a hop a couple of weeks ago, and instead of just announcing my name, she wrote the SWEETEST post about my blog!  We have lots of new followers because of it too!  I've noticed that she really tries to help and promote the up and coming blogs, and I think that's absolutely amazing! You ROCK Amy!

And speaking of new followers...WELCOME to you all!!!  This little blog is starting to grow, and I'm so excited!  Every time I log on and see a new face, I do a happy dance!  No, you don't understand...I really do!  Poor hubby is getting so tired of seeing me bounce around.  Hey...maybe THAT'S how he got his hernia...from laughing at me flailing all over the house like a mad woman every time a new follower comes along!!  Anyway, thank you...and thanks for being here!

 Oh, I almost forgot to mention, we have a Facebook page now!  Woot!  I feel so official!  When you get to Facebook, just search Scrap This Save That.  We need four more people to "like" us before we can officially keep the name!  Once that happens, I'll start posting from there too!  Come like the page...the page likes you :)

Next on the agenda...Annette over at My Crafty Designs gave me a Stinkin' Cute Blog Award!  Adorable!  And my first one!  SWEET!!!  And thank you! 

Last, but certainly not least, I will be participating in my first-ever blog hop on August 5th and 6th!!!  Kassidy over at Inking It Up Crazy is hosting, and chose me as a participant! Thanks Kassidy!!!   It's going to be an "Old School" blog hop, meaning that we're each going to be doing projects with Cricut cartridges that are at least two years old.  Time to dust those puppies off and revive them!  I think it's an awesome idea, and I can't wait!

Well bloggers, readers, fans and friends, I hope this posting has found you all happy, healthy and thriving!  Have a WONDERFUL day!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Here's My Bid!

Well, just in case any of you have been living under a rock for the last week, I guess I get to be the one to tell you the news!  Robyn over at My Pink Stamper is looking for a handful of new members for her 2011 second term design team!!  Just like the other 111 bloggers (so far) I would like to submit my entry :)  The challenge is to make a card, scrapbook page, or other project using your favorite Cricut cartridge and the following colors:  orange, turquoise, green, brown, and any other optional color of your choice.  I had a tough time choosing between pink and purple, so I did a little bit of both!

My beautiful daughter turned 25 this week...a quarter of a century old!!  She has developed an almost unnatural obsession for cupcakes!  She's found all the best places in Seattle, and we have to hit one every time I'm with her.  Twist my arm!  This will be the perfect birthday card for her!

Here's a shot of the inside of the card:


Cupcake and layers cut at 4 inches with the American Alphabet Cricut cartridge.
Happy birthday cut at 2 inches with the Paper Lace Cricut cartridge
Cuttlebug Argyle folder
The Paper Company cardstock
Recollections cardstock
DCWV Glitter Stack cardstock (for the cupcake wrapper.)
Essentials ribbon
Essentials brad
ATG gun
Zig glue pen
Sakura Gelly Roll pen, white

Mix with lots of love and deliver for the perfect smile!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Win A Cricut From My Craft Channel!

Okay, since you all know it's possible to win lots of goodies now, here's a good chance!  There's a new craft blog and internet channel coming called My Craft Channel .   I don't know about you, but I can't ever seem to get enough of online tutorials!  I have a feeling I'm going to be spending A LOT of time on their site!!

So, The Craft Channel is introducing their line-up of shows and hosts.  Each day they reveal and introduce us to a new host, and each day they are also giving away a new Cricut!  I've seen Expressions and E2s being given!!!  They're only on day four right now, so you have lots of chances left to win!  Go check it out!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Would You Like More Free Stuff?

Here's another secret to getting supplies for free or close to it... online Instant Win Games (IWG.)  I can already hear you saying, "but Amy, I NEVER win anything."  Before you hop on that train of thought any further,  just read on!!

There's ALL KINDS of free sweepstakes for consumers to enter online, brought to you by large companies who use it as advertising.  I personally like the IWGs better than the regular sweepstakes, since you know instantly if you've won something.  The prizes are normally smaller than the huge grand prizes, but that's okay with me...a prize is a prize!  I've been playing IWGs off and on for a little over two years.  Items I've won include:

$100 Macy's gift card (gc)
$50 AMC Theater gc
$500 Lowes gc
$100 check
$25 check
$20 HSN gc
$250 Visa gc
$20 Visa gc
$150 Cricut Credit (Woohoo!)
2 Free PS3 video games
K-Cup Carousel
Yard fertlizer system (hubby was excited!)
$20 Albertsons gc
Sets of concert tickets
LOTS of free movie tickets
Numerous free song downloads
Tons of smaller gift cards for places like Subway, Starbucks, Barnes & Nobel etc.

The list is just a smattering of things I've won.  I've been able to use store credits and gift cards to get all sorts of free scrapbooking supplies, including this...


There are several really good blogs I frequent that keep me up to date on all the new IWGs coming out.  My favorite is Free Stuff Times .  It's a great page anyway...they have lots of freebies and stuff!  Click HERE for the direct link to their IWG page or you can click on the CONTESTS tab at the top of their page to see all the different kinds of sweepstakes.

Another popular page for sweepstakes info is Sweeties Sweeps .  She's been doing sweeps for MANY years and offers all kinds of helpful info on her blog about how to win, the best times to play, etc.

I've always had the best luck playing late at night...good news for all you night owls!  And I've noticed that most people, myself included, win and lose in streaks.  I haven't won much in the last month, but I won something almost every day the month before.  The key is CONSISTENCY!  Just keep going!

Good luck!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

I'm Hopping Til My Hopper Falls Off!

WOW!  There are TONS of blog hops this weekend!  Well maybe not tons, but way more than I usually run across.  Here's a list of a few if you feel like joining in!

Happy hopping!!!!!


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Time to Post Again!

I just realized that when I first started this blog, the idea was to help all of us learn to get the very best deals on scrapping supplies, including FREE supplies!  I posted a few things, but for the most part, have been waiting for the folling to get bigger before putting too much else on the blog.  MY MISTAKE!  It doesn't matter if there's 1 follower or 1,000...we all need to save money!  And more money means more scrap goodies!!!!

So, I'm reposting an article I previously posted on here, since it's one of my favorite ways to get FREE supplies!  I'll continue with other resources in the next few days.  Sorry I got off-track!

Ready for Another Secret?

One of the ways I have been able to get my hands on cheap or FREE scrapbooking goodies, is through a cool little search engine called SWAGBUCKS. The Swagbucks search engine is a staple in the couponing world. You do searches on swagbucks (either their page or a handy little toolbar you can install, which I highly recommend) that basically uses Google search. Now, I really don't do a lot of searches, but I have gotten into the habit of typing in whatever site I need to go to, like Hotmail or Facebook. While doing searches, you are randomly awarded swackbucks...a form of currency you can exchange for all kinds of prizes. I always use my swagbucks to purchase Amazon gift cards. 450 swagbucks will get you a $5 card to spend at Not much you say? Well, here's a few things I got with mine over the past couple of years...

My baby Bug

and this

and this

and this

and this

and this!!!!

Now have I got your attention? I thought so! Sign up here :)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Few Sales?

Okay, so I'm kinda bummed.  I really expected more out of the 4th of July sales at Michaels and Joanns.  Oh well.  There is a 20% off your entire regular and sale priced purchase coupon that Michael's has out.  Click here for that sweet little coupon!  It' s good through next Saturday.  And don't forget you can take it to Joann's too, since they accept competitor's coupons.  Joann's has a few good sales online, but I haven't been able to confirm whether or not they're also offering those same prices in the stores.  I was a little disappointed at the Memorial Day sales when Joann offered 40 % off their Cuttlebug folders online, but they were regular price in the store.  So, the moral to that story is buyer beware!  Just watch how things ring up if you're hoping for a great bargain!

Happy Shopping!!!!