Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Another Post???

Wow!  Posting two days in a row!  Shocking!  Haha! 

I have a project I did last week that I have been dying to show you!!  I bought a DCWV chalkboard paper stack a while back, and like a lot of others, wasn't sure what to do with it once I got it home!  Erin, on the DCWV blog recently searched Pinterest and found lots of cute projects using chalkboard paper, and posted them.  (Unfortunately, once it was on her blog, I couldn't tell where the actual picture came from that inspired me, so I'm sorry I can't give credit where credit is due.)  One of the pics gave me the idea for this:

It's a chalkboard paper wall calendar!!

You can see my Cricut sitting on the desk next to the calendar to give you a sense of the size.  The blue paper has a sheen to it, so I couldn't get any pics without the shine...sorry!

Here's a pic once I got the numbers written on.

I added another piece of paper at the top to be able to write in the name of the month.

Here's a closeup of the papers fitted together.

I used white vinyl (Contact paper actually) and the Cricut Designer's Calendar cartridge to cut out the days of the week.  Each square for each day is 6x6 inches, so the whole calendar measures 2 1/2 feet by 3 1/2 feet.  I got some Uchida Bistro Chalk Markers to write with, since they write finer lines than a piece of chalk and hold up longer.  When I'm ready to change everything to the next month, I just have to wipe the marks off with a damp cloth, and I'm ready to go!

I hope you like it!  I'm going to go post it to Pinterest now!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Washi Tape Heaven and WOYWW # 143

February 5th?  That's the last time I posted?!?!  Holy cow!!  I better get busy!  I've been doing lots but just not writing about it I guess!  I'll have to catch up in the next few days!

Since today is, "What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday,"  here's a couple of shots of the sad state my my desk is in!  Messy!  I guess I shouldn't say, "sad state" though because Mr. Desk and I have been doing lots of happy things lately!  Most recently, making homemade Washi tape!!!  I'm LOVING this!!!!  I found a great video by Papertrey Ink about how to make the tape, and it's EXACTLY the same as the Washi tape I've bought in the past!  But now it's even better since I can make my own colors and patterns!!!  Here's a link to the video I watched on Youtube ...I used the same tape they mentioned and it's PERFECT for Washi tape!  I went to my local Dollar Store and bought different colors and patterns of tissue paper, and I've just been having a blast experimenting!  Here's some of what I've made so far...

and a closer view...

The tape I bought is called Scor-Tape and I got it from Scor-Pal  .  It's a double-sided tape and when you put tissue paper on one side, it's transparent and tear-able!  Woohoo!  I've done solids and patterns.  Next is some white, that I'm going to used different color inks and background stamps on!  I'm excited...can you tell?!?!

Crafter's Companion, "Something Sweet" Challenge it is.  My first ever attempt at coloring a stamp.  Be gentle!  Haha!  Stacy from the Crafter's Companion Challenge Blog encouraged me to try and practice, until I finally gave in!  Thank you Stacy!  I don't think I have a new calling or anything, but I did have lots of fun and am continuing to learn.  Now I just need to find a new stamp to practice with...I've colored these poor cuties in every color combo imaginable!!

The stamp I used was the Crafter's Companion Strawberry Kisses, Friends set.  I used water soluble inks and a blender pen to color the image.  Today, my order came from Amazon (check out how I got it for free by earning Amazon gift cards on THIS POST ) with some watercolor pencils and a water pen.  I can already tell it's WAY easier to color this way than with inks and a blender pen, but it's definitely going to take some practice!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Love/Hate Relationship With Blogger!

I woke up this morning and logged on to my blog to see what was up...or at least I tried.  The whole thing was shut down!!  WHAT???  Well, it took me most of the day, but I finally got it back up.  I'm sorry to those of you who were trying to do the Love blog hop and hopped right into the void that was my blog!!  The post is below this one if you want to try again!!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

All About Love Blog Hop

We're so happy you could join us for this super-fun hop showcasing cards, layouts and projects that feature anything and everything about LOVE!! You'll find an array of ideas throughout this hop...from decorations to gift ideas and more. We hope you'll enjoy each and every project along the way!!   Be sure to leave a comment at each hop stop to be entered in our Monthly Drawing (details available at

If you've just hopped over from Jamie's blog then you're on the right track!
If you've just popped in to visit my blog or are reading this via email and you'd like to join our FUN, then please go to Lynda's blog ( to start at the beginning...'s my LOVE creation!

I made a scratch-off Valentine card for my sweetie!  Now, the technique I used might be old hat to some of you, but I never knew this could be done at home!!!  I was reading the February issue of Better Homes and Gardens, and they had a recipe to make the actual stuff that you scratch off of cards (like lottery scratch tickets or game pieces.)  I was so excited, that I just had to try it...and it works!!

Here's what I did:

I mixed 2 parts silver acrylic metallic paint to 1 part dish washing soap.  I don't think it has to be any particular kind of soap.  I just used what I had on hand.

Using a flat brush, I painted it onto acetate.  I tried it on an old Cricut cartridge box here, but I ended up using some acetate sheets a scrappy friend gave me (thanks Rexann!)  The magazine actually said to use clear Contact paper, and that probably would have been WAY easier, but I didn't have any, and used what I had here instead.

The magazine suggested three thin layers of paint, but I was finding that there was still streaking after three layers, so I ended up doing five.  Let dry (or CAREFULLY use a heat gun, but don't melt your plastic!) in between each layer.  While the paint was drying, I sealed my bowl of paint mixture in a Ziploc bag so it wouldn't dry out.

Once my silver acetate was completely done and dry, I was actually able to run it through my Cricut to cut the hearts!!  I thought the paint would scratch off in the machine, but it worked perfectly!

I cut the silver hearts at 1 inch from George and Basic Shapes, then I cut the red hearts at 1 1/4 inches.  At this point, you want to write or print what ever you want on the red hearts.  I wrote down 3 choices for how to spend Valentine's evening.  The recipient gets to choose which heart to scratch off, and that's what we get to do!  You can write anything you want that will work for you.  I was thinking about writing I LOVE word behind each heart, and then the recipient scratches off the heart to reveal the secret message.  Anyway, whatever you want to write is up to you...the possibilities are endless!

After writing on the red hearts, I used vellum adhesive to tape the silver heart on top of the red heart, thus hiding my message.   MAKE SURE you leave the side with the paint up, so that you can scratch it off!!  Now this is really where the Contact paper would have come in handy...the adhesive is already on the plastic...just peel the paper off the back.

Here's what it looks like scratched off!

I hope you liked my tutorial!  Thank you again for checking out my project!  Now it's on to Lisa's Blog  Have a great weekend!