Sunday, May 6, 2012

National Scrapbooking Day FUN!!

I hope you all had a blast yesterday for National Scrapbooking Day!!  I had so much fun!  I didn't get all the challenges accomplished that I wanted, but I noticed a lot of them don't have cut off dates for a few more days, so I'm hopeful I'll get some of them done!!

But...I did get to go to a crop with some great buddies, and we had SO MUCH FUN!!!  Me and AJ went to the funnest crop ever!   Thanks to Becky from Buzzy Bee Designs for hosting such a great party!  She served us dinner, and mango margaritas...YUM!!  I had WAY too many of them, but they were virgin drinks, so I could have all I wanted!  She also made a page kit and two card kits for us.  We learned some new techniques, and I took way too long (as usual!) on my projects!  We also got goodie bags!  Have I told you that I LOVE goodie bags?!?  There were stamps and stickers and all kinds of goodness in them...and I even got the tiniest roll of tape I've ever seen in my life! Here's a pic of it up against a normal size roll of tape...

It's a little bigger than my thumbnail!  Sorry I'm getting obsessed, but it's so cute!!!

Anyway, I will leave you with a few photos of the fun and festivities!  Have a great rest-of-the-weekend!

My nametag/placesetting on my margarita glass!
Goodie bags!!!
Creative goodness
AJ and Debbie having WAY too much fun!!
Becky and I had a turn with the sombrero too!

I SWEAR, there was no tequilla in those margaritas!

Amy E.


An'Jenic G. said...

Oh boy this was so much fun! I cant wait to scrapbook about. T


:( Looks like so much fun!!!