Thursday, June 28, 2012

Jumping On The Chevron Bandwagon!

Happy Friday blogging buddies!!  We made it to the end of the week, and are at the start of another awesome weekend!  Woohoo!!

Okay, just a teensy bit of bragging about the beautiful subject of my sweet daughter, Emily!  This picture was taken the day she graduated with her B.A. in Women Studies from the University of Washington. And get this...She was only 20 years old!!  Can you say, "proudest mom EVER?!?!"

So, I made a layout of her in the gardens at the University on Graduation day.  All of the card stock came from DCWV's Glam Gal stack.  I heart that stack!!  There's LOTS of purple!  I even used parts of the front cover of the stack to make the two square embellishments in the top corners.

Now...on to the Chevrons!  I saw a video tip on My Craft Channel  on how to make Chevrons without die cutting.  It's just a few snips of the scissors and some careful folds.

Start with a 2 inch wide strip of paper, the length you want your Chevron to be.  I cut my strip 12 inches long so it would reach across the whole length of my layout.  On the back side of your paper, draw a line in the middle (at 1 inch) down the length of your paper.  Then, turn your ruler the other way, and make a mark at 1 inch, just going to the center lengthwise line.  (This is where the visual on the video came in handy for me.  Once you see it, it's super simple to understand.  The link above will take you there.)  Then, staying on the same side of the center line, mark every two inches.  Do the same thing on the other side of the center line, staggering the marks.  Below, is what your paper will look like when it's finished.

Next, carefully cut the small lines JUST TO THE long line in the center.

Once the small lines are cut, start folding the cut edges together to make little points.

Once you've finished one side of the cuts, turn the paper around and do the same thing on the other side.  After all the folds had been made, I went back over the creases with a bone folder.  It made a MUCH NICER edge.

When everything was folded and creased well, I put a drop of glue under each folded edge.  Zip Dry worked great for me.

At this point, I was doubting myself, but once I turned the strip over, it was a perfect chevron!!  Yay!  After I got over the initial math anxiety, these were pretty fun to be on the lookout for some future chevrons!

I hope you guys try some of these...they're awesome!  Have a FABULOUS weekend!


Helen said...

Love the layout and great chevrons. Thanks for the tutorial, I'll have a go when I get a chance :)

Helen (aka EllieWee) xx


very pretty layout!! Love the chevrons, very cool, i will have to watch the video sometime. Hope you are doing well!

The Archiving Angel said...

Beautiful layout & daughter.
Terrific display of technique.