Thursday, September 11, 2014

Page Kits Week 1 - Pocket Page

Welcome to more of "Page Kits - Week 1."  I should probably find a more exciting title than that huh?  Ha ha!  Today's project is a 12 x 12 inch pocket page.  I've been trying to learn more about pocket pages and how to make them.  I mean, I know you can literally just throw a few pics and a journaling card or two in the pages, but of course, I have to make it more difficult than that.  As long as some of my scrapbook layouts take to make, I feel that if I spend 5 minutes stuffing pockets and call it good, I just haven't done nearly enough!  So, it seems like each little pocket insert becomes a layout of it's own, and they all need to coordinate.  No need to make it that hard...I just tend to overdo!

Simple Stories Snap, Washi Tape, Pocket Page

I used more of the paper, photos and embellishments from my kit, and then added a Simple Stories Snap 4x6 journaling card, a little Washi tape, some ephemera, jute, and some brads.  Even though I "had" to add lots of extra stuff, this page didn't take long at all!  Yay for pocket pages!

Up next on Saturday, is a Smash*book page made from the same kit and goodies...see you then!

Happy Scrapping! ~Amy E

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An'Jenic G. said...

I love this pocket page. I really love the journal box and ugh you tell Emily she always take such great pictures. Such a doll!!! =) lol Great Pocket & Have a great Saturday.