Monday, June 8, 2020

Super Simple Card With Spellbinders Card Kit

Hi again!  As promised, I'm back with another video.  I made a super quick and easy card using the February 2020 Spellbinders Card Kit.  The whole card, start to finish, was as simple as picking out what elements I wanted to use on it, a few cuts, and some adhesive, and adorable card!  See for yourself!

Okay, I'm still having trouble getting the cover of my videos to look pretty on the blog!  I promise to work on that!  But still, it's here to watch!

Have a FABULOUS Monday!

Happy crafting!  ~Amy

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Are You Still There?

Wow!  I haven't posted on this poor lonely blog since 2016?  Holy moly!  Well, Hi!   How have you been?   I've missed you.  I haven't spent nearly as much time in my craft room as I would have liked.  My mojo came and went, and my once pristine craft room became a catch-all/disaster zone/borderline condemned part of the house where I just kept the door closed most of the time.  It was sad.  I really missed that part of my day and was drawn to the room, but I would just go sit in there for a few minutes, sigh, and leave.

I finally started (slowly) working on cleaning up my craft room, purging and organizing, a little at a time.  One day, I could see my floor!  Another day (much later) I could see my desk.  What?  There was a DESK under there??   My hope started to return.

So, what did I do with my newly discovered craft room you may (or may not) ask?  I decided to start on a new adventure, or at least add on to the existing ones.  With the reclaimed desk space, I set up a tripod and a camera and I started working on my YouTube channel again.   I had made a few videos years ago with no real aim, or idea how to do them properly. I've been studying and looking to see what's out there, and am really excited to be able to contribute  content that might be helpful to someone.  For now, I've decided to focus on videos teaching basic skills and use of tools.  Soon, I'll start adding in some organizing videos!

I'm super stoked to add videos into my crafting realm!  I invite you to check them out.  My current video is on how to use a We R Memory Keepers Envelope Punch Board.  It's an older tool, but I'm still surprised by how many people I run into that don't know the tricks to using one.

Obviously, I still have a lot to learn, (like how to center the pic above!!) but if you would like to come along on the journey, I invite you to watch, and if you find value, then please subscribe!  I plan to post a new video every week, and eventually work up from there.

In the comments, please say Hi!  And let me know what you've been up to for the last four years!

Happy Papercrafting! ~Amy